The main livelihood of the people in the district is shifting cultivation except the people living on the bank of Tizu River practices Terrace cultivation. The recent survey conducted by the Agriculture Department found that out of 155300 hectares available for the district, the forest area cover 20100 hectares leaving 126362 hectares for fallow land and other cultivable waste land. The permanent irrigated land covers only about 4988 hectares.Almost every household in the villages keep domestic animals such as Cattle, Pig Fowls ets. for the respective family consumption. Large scale rearing of animal for commercial purpose is yet to start.
The point suggested indicate vision of the district that need to be addressed which will bring about changes n the life of the people.
80% of Population depends on Agriculture and Allied Sector.According to the survey on Govt Employees Status on Zunheboto District, as per 31-03-2013. Are as given below

  • Class –I- 168
  • Class-II- 109
  • Class- III- 5544
  • Class-IV- 1635

    Total:- 7456